Svářecí průměr
2-19 mm
Maximální proud
1600 A

Svá?e?ka pro svorníkové sva?ování INVERTER 1805i

Svářečka pro svorníkové svařování INVERTER 1805i

          • Weldable stud range 2-19 mm
          • Max. current 1600 A
          • Max. time setting 1000 ms
          • Low Weight
          • Welding energy accurately adjustable


              • Fully controlled power source with thyristor bridge
              • Particularly suitable for short-cycle-stud welding
              • Particularly suitable for thin work-pieces
              • Stepless, exact adjustment of welding current and time
              • Ideal for mobile tasks
              • Designed for welding on building sits
              • Plain text on LC-display
              • Operating interface: choice between 4languages: German, English, French, Italian
              • Integrated shielding gas device
              • Microprocessor controlled
              • Constant current regulation
              • Repeat cycle lock
              • Dust and moisture protection of control unit
              • Self-diagnosis: overheating, short circuit control, mains phase failure and malfuction of pilot arc
              • Steel housing, powder-coated
              • Interface for automatic components: optional
              • Stud counter


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