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Attention! Counterfeit CE-Declaration of Conformities for Shear Studs from Chinese Production

Dear Customer,

For some time now, shear studs from Chinese production have been offered on the European market at a lower price and with lower quality. Certifications, which are supposed to confirm their conformity with European technical rules & regulations, also appear with the goods.

Please take careful note of the following facts:

  1. Construction-related products and shear studs have to fulfill the basic demands laid down by the Requirements for Construction-related Products Guidelines 89/106 EEC.
  2. Shear studs are technically described in DIN EN ISO 13918; furthermore, some German manufacturers have been allocated what is known as European Technical Certifications, or (ETA) for short.
  3. DIN EN ISO 13918 is no harmonized European Standard. They cannot therefore be called upon to present proof of fulfillment of the basic requirements of the Construction-related Products Guidelines 89/106 EEC.
  4. Conformity with European Technical Regulations can only and exclusively proven through ETA (for KÖCO this is ETA-03/0039).
  5. Certificates of Conformity, which base themselves upon DIN EN ISO 13918 or another standard, e.g. DIN EN ISO 898, are simply invalid.
  6. A Certificate of Conformity without the presence of a 4-digit number of the certification location is invalid. For KÖCO, this location is the SLV Duisburg with the number 0762. This number has to be placed underneath the CE sign.
  7. KÖCO shear studs acc. to ETA-03/0039 display a higher yield point and higher tensile strength in comparison to shear studs acc. to DIN EN ISO 13918. And furthermore, KÖCO guarantees a notch bar impact value of minimum 27 J at -20°C.

In the name of safety, it is not worth the risk of purchasing shear studs from manufacturers/dealers who issue invalid CE Certificates of Conformity or bring them into circulation.


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